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Subcontract Questionnaire (KFQF 13 Iss 02 24.09.2015)

Company Details

This question requires a valid email address.
9. Are you CIS Registered?
12. Please list all relevant contacts within your Company
Space Cell Full NameJob TitleContact NumberEmail
13. Are you classed as a SME (Small Medium Enterprise) (<50 employees and <£250m Turnover)
14. Does your Company hold the following Insurance Policies
Space Cell YesAggregate
Public Liability
Employers Liability
Contractors All Risk
Professional Indemnity
Hired in Plant
15. Please specify the following Limits and Renewal Dates for each of the Insurance Policies above
Space Cell LimitRenewal Date
Public Liability
Employers Liability
Contractors All Risk
Professional Indemnity
Hired in Plant
17. Is your Company Accredited to any of the following? (If, yes, please send a copy to)
Space Cell YesNoWorking Towards
Achilies Building Confidence
Achilles Link-Up
Achilles UVDB
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 18001
19. List your turnover for the last 3 years
Space Cell Period EndAnnual TurnoverPre Tax ProfitCurrent AssetsCurrent Liabilities
This Year
Previous Year
Previous Year
20. Types of work undertaken
21. Provide contact details for two client references
Space Cell Client 1Client 2
Full Name
Contact Number
Email Address
22. Minimum Value of a Contract you can undertake
23. Indicate your areas of Operation
24. Please list figures for the last 3 years
Space Cell This YearPrevious YearPrevious Year
Number of Employees
Total number of hrs Worked
Number of Employees that have had H&S Training
Number of Certified 'First Aiders' at work
Number of Fatalities on your sites (RIDDOR)
Number of major injuries (RIDDOR)
Number of over 7-day injuries (RIDDOR)
Number of dangerous Occurrences (RIDDOR)
Number of HSE Prosecutions
Number of H&S prohibition notices
Number of H&S improvement notices
Number of Environmental Offences
Number of Environmental notices
This question requires a valid percent format.
This question requires a valid percent format.
27. Does your company have the following policies? If 'YES' please send a copy to
Space Cell YesNo
Health & Safety Policy
Quality Policy
Equal Opportunities Policy
Anti Bribery Policy
Environmental Policy
Sustainability Policy
29. Attachment Checklist
Space Cell YesN/A
A fully completed Questionnaire
Copies of all Insurance Policies
Health & Safety Policy
Environmental Policy
Quality Policy
Copies of all awards, recognition's, memberships & affiliations
30. I/We hereby certify that the information given is in good faith and can further be substantiated if required. By Signing this declaration, we commit our company to work in accordance with the Kelly Group's work ethics and ethos
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