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2017 Frosh Survey

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Hey! Thanks for checking out this survey!

Our goal with this survey is to gather some quantitative information about our events and some qualitative anecdotes about your experience so that we can make Frosh Week 2017 even better :)

The survey shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to complete, and if you're really in a rush then only the first question is really 'required', but if you have some time we'd really like to hear about your 'Frosh' experience in Queen's Engineering!

FREC Committee '17
1. We believe Frosh Week creates value by providing opportunities for you to build relationships with your peers and FRECs and the greater Queen's / Kingston community, opportunities to learn about Engineering at Queen's, and by simply being fun and engaging!

With that definition in mind, how valuable did you find each of our Frosh Week Events?

(On a scale from 1 being "not valuable; this should probably be changed" to 5 being "super valuable don't change anything!") *This question is required.
Wednesday: Registration
Grant Hall Welcome
DC Circuit
APSC Challenge
Thursday: Standards Exam
Tmugz; Building
Tmugz; City Park
Go Nutz
Thursday Night Live
Friday: FRECfast
Prof Talks
Highland Games
Saturday: The Grease Pole Climb
Sunday: EngDay