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Research Recruits

Many thanks for providing us with your details so we can send you an Ora to try.  The first 200 people to provide their details will receive an Ora to test next week.

Please rest assured, in providing us with your details below, they will ONLY be used for this one off exercise and will NEVER be passed on to any other company and will not be used by us again.  Should we conduct any other research we would contact you again in the same manner to ask if you wanted to be involved.  

The research will involve being sent a stack of Ora and asking for your immediate opinion via a short survey and a secondary follow-up after you have used the Ora for a few days.  

Please only complete this form if you are able and willing to undertake our two short follow up surveys.  

Many thanks in advance for your help.  It is only with your feedback that we can develop and improve Ora.
7. How often do you buy Ora
8. What size Ora do you typically buy
9. When using Ora and thinking about the top clear cone do you typically
10. Do you have an Ora permanent base holder
11. If you have bought Ora in the past, but no longer buy it, please advise why
12. If you have never bought Ora, please advise why
This question requires a valid email address.