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Preparing for your Compulsory Basic Training



Before taking your Compulsory Basic Training today, please complete this short survey. When you have done this, return the iPad to member of Phoenix Motorcycle Training staff. This survey will help Transport for London to improve the additional training they offer to riders.


None of your answers will be linked to you or be shared with anyone other than Phoenix Motorcycle Training and Transport for London, so please answer honestly.
1. Are you here to take your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)?
If you answered No to this question, there is no need to complete any more of the survey
2. Are you retaking your CBT, or doing it for the first time?
3. How old are you?
4. Have you completed the online course ‘Preparing for your Compulsory Basic Training’? (This was sent out as a link in the booking email you received from Phoenix Motorcycle Training)
5. If No, why not?
5. As a result of taking ‘Preparing for your Compulsory Basic Training’, do you…?
5. Would you recommend ‘Preparing for your Compulsory Basic Training’ to a friend?
5. How long does Compulsory Basic Training allow you to ride a scooter or motorcycle of up to 125cc (or 50cc if you are aged 16) for? 
6. What should be displayed on your bike at all times when riding on a CBT certificate?
7. What must you do by law to be able to ride a motorcycle more powerful than 125cc if aged 19+?
8. What must be worn when riding on UK roads?
Click on the Correct Sign
9. Slippery road  Please select one of the following images.
10. No entry to any vehicle Please select one of the following images.
11. Banned turn  Please select one of the following images.
12. Ahead only  Please select one of the following images.
13. Roundabout Please select one of the following images.
14. Side winds  Please select one of the following images.
15. When are motorcycles allowed to use London bus lanes? (Tick all that apply)
16. What is a ‘lifesaver’? (Tick one)
17. When should you never filter through traffic? (Tick all that apply)
18. Normally, where should you place yourself when riding on the road? (Tick one)
19. Which of the following road markings might you see at a junction with a main road, to show that you should give way to other road users? (Click all that apply) Please select from the following images.