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Cedefop: stakeholder survey


Dear Participant,

Thank you for agreeing to provide your opinion for this survey of Cedefop's target groups and partner organisations. This survey is conducted in the context of the external evaluation of the EU Agencies under the remit of DG Employment: Eurofound, Cedefop, ETF and EU-OSHA, and covers the period 2011-2016. Your responses are extremely important in measuring Cedefop's relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and added value, and will help the evaluation team to formulate recommendations for Cedefop's future work.

The estimated survey time is 20 minutes. You may complete the survey now, or choose to finish it later. Please note that in the latter case, you should submit your final responses by the deadline indicated. The information you provide on a voluntary basis will remain confidential, and will be provided to the European Commission only in an aggregated form as part of the evaluation findings. No individual opinions will be disclosed. 

If you have any other questions about this survey, please contact us at

Thank you for your cooperation!