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Healthwatch Greenwich General Survey 2017-18

Health & Social Care Survey

About us:

Healthwatch Greenwich (HWG) works to help people get the best from their health and social care services, whether it's improving them today, or helping to shape them for tomorrow. HWG is about local voices being able to influence the delivery and design of their services and we do this by gathering feedback and experiences from residents and service users in Greenwich.

2. Over all how was your experience of using this service?
3. Please rate your experience of this service in the following areas:
(1 star  = poor, 5 stars = excellent)
Space Cell Rating
The quality of the reception staff at the service
The quality of the clinical staff at the service
The accessibility of the provision (opening times, physical access)
The environment
The length of time you waited for an appointment
The outcome achieved
4. How involved did you feel in the decision making around the care you received?