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Community Involvement - IKEA USA

The IKEA Vision

The IKEA Vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. At IKEA we are dedicated to giving back to our local communities while being regarded by our customers and co-workers as a good neighbor and a socially responsible company.

How do we choose our partners?

In order to maximize the positive impact IKEA has in our local communities, we focus on supporting organizations that aim to provide children with a better start in life. To be considered for a local partnership with IKEA, your organization’s mission must align with the IKEA focus areas for community involvement: 

  • Children’s Homelessness

  • Children’s Education

  • Children’s Hunger


IKEA has also defined additional criteria for establishing local partnerships. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Organizations’ services must be provided in the local community

  • Organizations must be inclusive and services are open to all members of the community. IKEA does not partner with organizations that are perceived as religious, endorsing party politics, or discriminatory in nature.

  • IKEA only supports non-profit organizations.

  • IKEA does not sponsor sports, art, entertainment, or “Swedishness” events, as well as PR and marketing campaigns.

  • As IKEA is for the many people, individual requests that directly benefit one person or one family are not considered.

  • As it is outside our three focus areas, IKEA is not able to support treatment programs and/or health advocacy or research groups.

  • IKEA does not donate obsolete IT equipment.

  • IKEA does not donate products for resale purposes.

How do we support our local partners?

  • In-kind donations of products

  • Donating IKEA co-workers’ paid time or providing equipment

  • Sharing of design know-how and competence

How to Apply

If your organization fits within these guidelines, please follow these steps to apply:
  • Complete the Community Involvement Program Application online

*Please note: Only completed applications will be considered. Please limit your attachments to what has been requested.

Privacy Statement

Information collected from this application is for the specific purposes of determining whether your organization qualifies under the IKEA Community Involvement Policy, as well as to identify/ contact your organization. This information will not be placed into IKEA’s database, nor will it be shared or sold. Your application will be held with care to prevent unauthorized access or use of your organization’s information


Thank you for your interest in partnering with IKEA!

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14. Please provide the following
  • Copy of your 501(c)(3) Letter
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