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Beyond CBT - Delegate feedback 2017/2018

Our objective is to provide information on the changing streetscape and improve your riding skills, making you safer and more efficient when working in busy urban areas.

This question requires a valid date format of MM/DD/YYYY.
6. Course Information

I was given enough information about how to get to the training
7. Training Staff

Professional and experienced
8. Approachable and questions answered
9. Clear communicator
10. Engaging and interesting
11. Personal Outcome

Today’s programme has made me want to complete more training
12. Today’s training has made me more aware of my responsibilities
13. Learning Outcome

My UNDERSTANDING of the changing streetscape and its potential to create conflict between road users has improved as a result of this training
14. My ATTITUDE to improve my riding skills has changed - this training has made me more aware of my skill level 
15. I will change to give more CONSIDERATION to other road users