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The One Planet network has launched its overarching ‘One Plan for One Planet’ strategy 2018-2022. The strategy defines a common vision and outlines common objectives, strategic principles and approaches across the One Planet network. The four objectives of the One Plan for One Planet Strategy include:


To ensure an effective and coordinated implementation, each programme of the One Planet network uses its own context, experience and network to further define relevant actions and plans to implement the four objectives of the strategy.
For the Sustainable Public Procurement programme, it is an opportunity to re-focus and identify strategic areas of intervention, as well as to take stock of what has been achieved so far. The contribution of each partner of the One Planet Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) Programme is key in developing the Programme’s Strategic plan and thereafter implementing it.
The objectives of this survey are to:
  • identify areas of interest or strategic gaps to be addressed in Sustainable Public Procurement
  • take stock of achievement and areas for improvement to integrate in the way forward
  • initiate a participatory development of the Sustainable Public Procurement Strategic Plan
The results gathered through the survey will inform the development of the SPP Programme’s Strategic Plan for 2018-2022.

We would kindly like to ask you to respond to this survey by 09 November 2018.

This survey is made up of 22 questions, most of them incorporating multiple choice answers. It is estimated that it will take 30 minutes to complete the survey.

Thank you in advance for your time. We look forward to your ideas and suggestions!
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5. Which category or categories does your organisation fall under?
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6. What is/are the main type of activity(ies) your organisation conducts related to sustainable procurement?
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Reporting on your activities for this year has now opened on the One Planet platform. Please make sure to report in detail on your sustainable procurement activities. This will allows us to update the Programme’s portfolio, identify successes, challenges and gaps, which in turn will support and facilitate the process of developing the SPP Programme’s new Strategic plan for 2018-2022.

Please be reminded that for the SPP programme network, reporting is expected by:
9th November 2018!

You can access the reporting tool here

7. What is the role of your organization within the One Planet SPP Programme?
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