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Student voice during the COVID-19 pandemic

UNESCO and Council of Europe recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic placed great strain on students, teachers and the education system. Part of identifying the impact of the pandemic is to understand how student participation, or 'student voice', has been affected. Student voice can vary from simple self-expression to taking on a leading role in an aspect of school life.

We will therefore ask you some questions about how student voice was expressed, heard and valued before the pandemic (6 months prior to COVID-19) and during the closure and confinement period (e.g. when school buildings were closed).

If your school did not close during the pandemic, please answer the questions in relation to the period of time worst affected by the crisis.

The outcomes of this survey will feed into the content of the joint conference to be organised in cooperation between
UNESCO and the Council of Europe on 23-25 November 2020 under the title:

‘From making student voice heard to active civic participation: The role of schools in the digital age’.

Teachers who participate in this survey, will also be invited to participate in the conference online. Some school projects may be selected to be presented during the conference.
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