Our Values

SurveyGizmo Team Members

We listen! Our customers define our goals.

We explore possibilities! We embrace ideas with a let’s try attitude.

We pursue happiness! Our customers’ happiness is directly related to our happiness.

We go fast! Implement fast, fail fast, learn fast, and iterate. That’s how we do things.

We are passionate! We approach each of our goals with the enthusiasm and tenacity to get things done.

We are avid learners and compassionate teachers! We are an open book, and we’re always reading.

We live to serve! We serve you, each other and the world at large.

How We Run Our Company

We are a bootstrapped company, no outside investors. We value our employees. We celebrate the uniqueness of every individual by providing a place for people to be, and become happy. Respect, openness, and co-operation, along with some fun and celebration, lead to a collection of individuals who are confident and successful. We pass our positive attitude on to everyone with whom we interact.

Because we value our employees, we offer a full suite of benefits: medical, dental, and vision insurance. We provide company-paid life, short and long term disability, and accident insurance to our employees and their families (because, sometimes fun can get you hurt). We have a 401k with a match and no vesting period (because, we don’t believe in golden handcuffs). Plus, we have plenty of perks: daily happy hour beverages (beer, as well as nonalcoholic drinks), discounted movie tickets, company bikes, a massage therapist, and taxi vouchers (because, sometimes fun needs a ride home).

What we expect is: that each of us will take responsibility for our own energy level and our own happiness. We all actively participate in the operation and growth of the organization. This is how we achieve success.

Our Bottom Lines

We believe that a successful company needs to be accountable to more than one bottom line. These four bottom lines guide our daily decision-making, and our organizational priorities.

Great Service

We respond to you. We believe that providing great customer service is the single most successful way of growing a business and making customers, and ourselves, happy.

Great Software

We build it to be fun to use, intuitive, and downright smart. Great software is a tool that helps our customers be successful. It enables their businesses, schools and communities to grow in an ethical, sustainable way through vital and useful services. Great software also helps our individual users excel in their own professional careers.

Great Place to Work

We measure our own happiness (with a survey!). We push ourselves to improve our workplace. Our happiness compact: It’s our responsibility to provide an environment where people can be empowered, valued and happy. We each have a responsibility to decide to be happy and bring positive energy to work. We genuinely believe that if you smile at the world, it smiles back.

Great Finance

We practice Open Book Management. We all have a stake in our financial success. Growing our company and remaining as profitable as we can, allows us to exist, expand, teach other people about sustainable business, and become a pillar of the larger community around us.

Our Customer Service Map

We build software that allows you to explore and discover. Because, very little is self-evident. We enable you to feed your need to learn, to know, to prove, to report, and, to become a hero of  your own accord.

Forge ahead. Look further! Fill your need. Design your plan. Build your survey. Collect your samples. Report your results. We’ve got you covered! We’ll handle your data with kid gloves and protect it with a steel grip, so that you can take action.

Our support is second to none. We’ll catch you if you stumble, or give you just the right amount of push to get you started. Your data adventure awaits. We’re here for you.

Hero on.

Start exploring and discover what’s out there.