Event Surveys do more than just measure satisfaction.

You need a survey at every stage of your event planning to ensure everything goes smoothly and to increase satisfaction.

Pre and Post Event Surveys Will Make Your Event a Success!

Event Planning Survey

Conduct a discovery survey to confirm that there is indeed a need for the event and an audience to support it. Collect input on proposed topics, speakers, venues, dates, etc. Identify needs and generate leads!

Event Registration

Create an Event Registration form and start collecting payment! Our payment forms allow you to securely collect payment using Stripe without worry or hassle.

Poll Attendees

Engage your audience with live polls during your event. Get their opinion and peak their interest.

Evaluate Event Speakers

Get feedback on speakers, workshops, special sessions, etc. You can measure satisfaction during your event so you can quickly make adjustments if needed!

Post Event Survey

Measure overall satisfaction with your event and discover where your event excelled and how you can make your next event even better!

Market Your Next Event

Collect testimonials and users' pictures of your event so that you can start marketing your next event! Share these on your event page and social media sites.
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