Mobile Survey Features

Your audience is already taking surveys on mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

How do your surveys look on mobile?

SurveyGizmo makes mobile easy by automatically optimising your surveys for phones and tablets.

Take a look at our Mobile Feature Set!

Reformatted Questions

SurveyGizmo automatically re-formats every question so it looks perfect on a mobile device. All of our 28 core question and action types reformat for the mobile experience.

One Question Pages

Surveys on phones are best when a single question is asked per page. SurveyGizmo automatically displays one question at a time for optimum response rates -- with a nice HTML 5 transition between them!

HTML5 Input Fields

In most cases, we trust mobile platforms to optimise their own data collection and enable HTML 5 data collection fields for smart phones. This allows you to collect better validated data with less work for the respondent!

Mobile Layout

In addition to questions, the survey layout itself automatically transforms on a mobile survey. We position the next and back buttons near the user's thumb (for easy access) and minimise wasted space on the screen.

Camera Access

On a mobile phone, our File Upload question gains access to your respondent's camera. Allowing you to collect photos for your journal studies or even "selfies" for testimonial use! The possibilities are endless!

Offline Surveys

If you are designing a mobile survey for the field and can't be guaranteed network access (remote locations or even really busy conference centers) you can download your survey as an offline application on your phone!

Let us help you design the best surveys for mobile and desktops!

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