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360° Einkaufsbenchmark - Registration to online-assessment

360° Einkaufsbenchmark

Your transformation access of your purchasing Department

Does professionality of your purchase interest you, where potentials exist, which measures can be taken, maybe as well as what your internal stakeholders think about purchase?
Then compare with more than 100 other companies, who already conducted the amc 360° Einkaufsbenchmark.
Compare your purchase within your industry, firm size, the total average and the TOP 5 entreprises in the participant surrounding.
On base of the 360° Einkaufsbenchmark as well as the versatile project experience of amc, we will deduce measures and guidances for your purchase and outline your trajectory of improvement to a modern purchase.
As further suspenseful option you have the possibility to interview other purchase foreign collegues in company about purchase performance and joint collaboration by using our stakeholder survey.

The online-assessment

Foundation of the following performance check constitute 8 performance dimensions each containing 2 questions which have to be answered in a self-assessment by yourself. We will validate your self-assessment by a degree of performance between 0-100 percent. The appraisal of your estimations are available in 4 profoundnesses of detail. Before starting the 360° Einkaufsbenchmark, please choose your prefered assessment variant.
You get further information about these evaluation options here:

Performance modules Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Representation in spider diagram, compared to:  
-  Average of all answers x x x x
-  Industry   x x x
-  purchasing volume class   x x x
-  Top-5     x x
-  Stakeholder valuation       x
Exposition of 10 questions (one dimension) and your individual answers as well as exposition of strengths, average or potential in comparison to your industry. x      
Exposition of all 80 questions (all dimensions) and your individual answers as well as exposition of strengths, average or potential in comparison to your industry.   x x x
Listing of measures / guidances for identified potentials based on the pratice tranformation expertise of the amc Group     x x
Uptake of stakeholder evaluation:        
-  Evaluation in spider diagram       x
-  Free text comments each performance dimension       x
Price each performance module
* plus VAT
0 € 299 €* 999 €* 1.499 €*

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Please call us on 0228 763810 or write us an eMail on, we are always at your disposal.
Based on your interest of 360° Einkaufsbenchmark you already establish the base for purchase optimization.
Go directly ahead to the following steps and registrate.

The team of amc Group, your partner for a modern purchase.

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