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Young Men: Insights into the Services Supporting You

Young Men's Survey: Information Page

What is the survey and why is it being carried out?
YoungMinds are leading this survey to find out the ways that young men are involved in making decisions about their mental health, and what your views and feelings are on how young men should be involved.  We'll be using this information to help us plan how to increase the voice of all young people around mental health.

We have created this new survey especially for young men, as we know young men face particular challenges in speaking out about mental health - we’d love to help change that.

Who can take part?
This survey is for young men aged up to (and including) 25 years old.  We want to hear from everyone all men in this age group! This includes both young men who have used mental health services and those who haven’t.

It also means we want to make sure we hear from young men from lots of different backgrounds and with different experiences, including young men who have been in care; young people who have left education; gay, bisexual and trans young men and young men of all different ethnicities and faiths. 

N.B this survey is for young men only:
If you do not identify as male, please click here to take part.
If you are a parent/ carer, please click here to take part.

Why take part?
Sharing your views could help us to make sure young men have a bigger say in taking care of their mental health, in the support they receive if they are struggling, and in the way that the services they use and communities they live in are run.   

What does taking part involve?
The survey will take around 5 minutes to complete. You don’t have to take part and you can end the survey at any time.  You can leave any question you don’t want to answer.

What will happen to the information I put into the survey?
Any information you share in the survey will be used anonymously in reports for NHS England and in information for events.  These reports will also be shared with the public.  ‘Anonymously’ means your name would never be used, nor any other information that would identify you.   

If you give your name in the survey, this will be kept confidential to YoungMinds - this means no one outside of YoungMinds will ever know you have completed the survey so there is no way that your answers could affect any of the care you might receive. The only time in which we might tell someone about what you have put in the survey is if you reveal something that makes us concerned there may be a serious risk to you or others in which case, if you have provided details we will get in touch with you.

Are there any risks in taking part?
There is a small risk that, in taking part in this survey, it could remind you of experiences that feel upsetting. If this is the case, and you would like to talk to someone about this, you can visit Childline: or give them a call on 0800 1111

Prize draw
If you want to, you can enter a prize draw to win £50 of vouchers. A prize draw means that you will have an equal chance of winning the vouchers with everyone else who enters the prize draw, so if 100 people enter the survey, you will have 1 in 100 chance of winning.

How can I get more info or ask a question about the survey?
If you have any questions about this survey, or want to request an accessible version, please contact