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Survey of Transforming Care Partnerships for the Evaluation of Building the Right Support

About the National Evaluation of Building the Right Support
This survey is from the national evaluation team for Building the Right Support.

To begin the survey press continue (on a desktop) or click the arrow icon at the bottom right (mobile/tablet).

Easy read version
If you prefer, you can also fill in the easy read version online, or download and print the easy read version here and return it in the post.

Both surveys will be open until the end of Friday 1st December 2017.

About the survey
Building the Right Support is part of the national Transforming Care programme, which aims to improve care and support for adults and children with a learning disability, autism or both, who display behaviour that challenges, including those with a mental health condition (hereafter people with a learning disability, autism or both). To see the national vision for Building the Right Support click here.

We are inviting everyone who has been involved in any aspect of work in their local Transforming Care Partnership (TCP) to take part in this online survey. The survey will take 15-20 minutes.

TCPs are made up of lots of people with different types of experience, including people with a learning disability, autism, or both; family carers; professional care and support staff; and managers at all levels. Your feedback will help the national programme and TCPs to improve their work. So please share this survey with other people who you know have been involved, wider networks and / or partner organisations in TCPs by forwarding this link.

We recognise that the work of TCPs is ongoing and that not all expected results will have been achieved yet. We will be repeating the survey at a later date to track change over time.

Your feedback will be treated in total confidence: we will not name individuals or their organisations. 

You can download a blank copy of this survey by clicking here.

About the evaluation
For more information about the evaluation and the evaluation team, see here.

Please note that this survey is designed for use on desktop or laptop computers, and tablets, but it may be difficult to read on mobile phones. If you have any queries about completing the survey please contact