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Your thoughts on Youth Arts

You and Youth Arts

The National Youth Arts Advisory Group (NYAAG) are currently collecting the views of young people about youth arts and opportunities across Scotland.

Please fill out the survey below to give us your opinion on this topic.
1. Are you interested in the arts?
2. Do you currently take part in or have been part of an arts project or activity?
3. What type of arts project was it?
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3. Would you consider a career in the creative industries/arts e.g. theatre, visual arts, film making?
4. Do you know what arts opportunities are available in your local area?

There are a lot of opportunities near meThere are some opportunities near meI'm unsure about opportunities near meThere are very little opportunities near meThere are no opportunities near me
5. How do you find out about arts opportunities?
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7. What barriers, if any, do you face when participating in the arts?
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8. Time to Shine is Scotland's National Youth Arts Strategy and is in place to 'support all Scotland's children and young people to flourish and achieve in and through the arts and creativity'.

Have you previously heard of Time to Shine?
9. What do you think is the most important part of Time to Shine?