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Apply to be part of the NaviGoGo trial

Get £20 per month travel credit for helping us trial an exciting new mobile web app for joining up transport. 

You are applying to be part of a four month trial which will be taking place between December 2017 to March 2018 in Dundee and North East Fife. If you are interested, please enter your details to be considered as one of only 100 trial participants. 

To take part in the trial you need to be aged 16 - 25 and primarily living in Dundee or North East Fife during the trial period (December 2017 - March 2018) and have access to a smartphone or tablet (e.g. Apple or Android or other) with access to internet on the go. 

NaviGoGo is a new web app that has been co-designed by young Scots (aged 16 - 25) for young Scots. It lets you plan, book and pay for trains, taxis and provides passenger assistance through the newly developed web app and links to your Young Scot NEC card. Active and sustainable travel choices also attract Young Scot Rewards points! 

Using NaviGoGo allows you to find out information and prices for other transport modes such as single bus trips, weekly bus tickets, car clubs, bike clubs, walking and cycling in Dundee and North East Fife. Other features include a tool to easily find the best deals and discounts available and to calculate a fair way of splitting the cost of taxi journeys with friends. 

If you are selected to be part of the trial you will need to open a sQuid payment account - this is where the £20 each month will be paid into. 

For taking part in the trial you will be given £20 each month which will be paid into your sQuid account. This can be used to pay for trains and taxis in the trial area through the NaviGoGo web app. There are other incentives available for completing an optional travel diary and for attending an optional focus group. Users that are connected to Young Scot Rewards will get points for active and responsible travel choices, and for leaving reviews and tips in the web app. 

You can find out more about NaviGoGo on Facebook, Twitter or at the blog.

Details of how the data you provide as part of your trial application is processed and can be found:  If you are successful, your data will also be processed in accordance with NaviGoGo's privacy policy, available here.