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Urgent Care and GP Services at Hemel Hempstead Hospital - Public Consultation


NHS Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is responsible for commissioning health services in the local area. As part of its role, it is looking at how people access urgent care services in west Hertfordshire and specifically walk-in services at Hemel Hempstead Hospital including the Urgent Treatment Centre and West Herts Medical Centre. To help us make decisions about these services we are seeking your views. The consultation is taking place from 31st January to 28th March 2018.

An urgent care service provides diagnosis and/or treatment for patients whose condition is urgent enough that they cannot wait for the next GP appointment (usually within 24 to 48 hours) but who do not need emergency treatment at the emergency department (A&E). Urgent care services which serve the wider west Hertfordshire population, include:
  • the Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) – previously Urgent Care Centre before December 2017 – at Hemel Hempstead Hospital; 
  • the West Herts Medical Centre (WHMC), located adjacent to the UTC at Hemel Hempstead Hospital, which is a GP practice serving both registered patients and additional ‘walk-in’ patients;
  • and a range of other urgent care services, such as the 24/7 NHS 111 service, GP out-of-hours service, St Alban’s City Hospital Minor Injuries Unit, and pharmacists
This questionnaire is one way you can Have Your Say on the options the CCG has developed and it asks for your views on these options. Anyone can respond to the consultation. If you would like to submit your views in other ways, you can find contact details for the consultation on NHS Herts Valleys CCG’s website

The questionnaire asks questions about different elements of the consultation. You can answer as few or as many questions as you wish.

More information about the consultation

This questionnaire will ask a range of questions which refer to information provided in the consultation document Urgent Care and GP Services at Hemel Hempstead Hospital - Public Consultation. Please read the consultation document before you respond to this questionnaire. You can find the consultation document online at or pick up a paper copy at the Urgent Treatment Centre or West Herts Medical Centre or your local GP.
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