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Consultation on young member representation on UNISON's national disabled members committee


At last year’s disabled members conference, the Eastern region proposed that the constitution of the National Disabled Members Committee be changed to provide 2 reserved seats for representatives co-opted from the National Young Members Forum (NYMF).

It was agreed not to make this change, but instead to consult with young disabled members as to whether this was a change they wanted, rather than imposing it on them.

This consultation is your opportunity to let us know whether the move should be supported, or opposed, or if there is an alternative that would be acceptable.

NYMF relationship with other Self-Organised Groups (SOGs)

The NYMF has a direct voice in all the unions SOGs (Black, Disabled, LGBT and Women members) by sending delegates to the respective conferences, as well as motions and amendments that influence the SOGs work programmes.

Representatives of the NYMF also get to meet with the chairs of the SOGs on a regular basis at the union’s Equality Liaison Committee.

There are no reserved seats for young Black members on the National Black Members Committee (NBMC), and discussions on common issues are held between the officers of the NBMC and officers of the NYMF as required.

There is one reserved seat for a young woman representative on the National Women’s Committee.

There are no reserved seats for young LGBT members on the National LGBT Committee. Instead the NYMF has agreed a liaison arrangement with the National LGBT committee, in which the NYMF and LGBT committee nominate a member of their respective bodies to act as liaison member, exchanging information etc as required.

There are currently no reserved seats on the National Disabled Members Committee.

This survey closes at 5pm Monday 30 April 2018.

Please answer the following questions:

1. This survey is for young disabled members of UNISON only. 

Are you a young UNISON member (under 27 years of age) AND describe yourself as disabled? *This question is required.