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Harnessing the Cloud

Welcome to the Harnessing the Cloud survey 2018.

Two years ago we surveyed leaders across UK public services to assess the state of cloud maturity in the sector. The subsequent report provided an insight into how cloud was viewed and allowed readers to benchmark themselves against their peers.

In those two years, technology applications, solutions and platforms have continued to evolve and we want to see how much the UK public sector has embraced the cloud, how its usage is developing and what it's being used for.

This short survey will ask a number of questions based on the 2016 questionnaire and introduce a number of new questions to develop further insights into the state of cloud adoption in the UK public sector.

If you would like to be one of the first to receive a copy of the report detailing the survey findings, please provide your contact details once you have submitted your response. Names and answers of respondents are confidential and will not be shared.