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Rota Survey EEAST


1. Which area of the Trust do you work in?
2. Please tick the option that relates to you:
3. Please tick the option that relates to you:
4. If you work on a fixed line - do you want to have a relief element in your rota?
5. In 2016 the Trust undertook some work with ORH to look at add-on rotas when new staff and vehicles became available. The Trust is now saying that changing everyone's rota is for the benefit of staff.  
Do you want to see mass rota changes:
6. If you work on relief, what are your reasons for this?
7. If you work on relief, what changes would better support you:
8. If you have a flexible working contract, please share why this was needed?
9. UNISON are aware many staff have taken some action over this already. 
Please tick the options that relate to you: