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SuuntoPlus™ - Select. Start. Sweat. 

SuuntoPlus™ is  a section within the watch that holds the new and exciting features together in one place on your wrist. SuuntoPlus™ is where we’ll be introducing more and more features to help you improve your performance, get more out of your outdoor adventures and get new inspiration to keep you active.

The latest updates will be showcased in 

SuuntoPlus™ also enables your ideas, needs and thoughts to materialize into Suunto watches.

If you have an idea for a new SuuntoPlus™ feature or you just want to vote for features we are thinking, this is the place!
There are some limitations to what we can create, meaning not all ideas can be implemented – at least right now. However the more traction a suggested feature gets through votes, the better chances it has to turn into reality.