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In-Service Teacher Survey

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Teacher Education: Character and the professional development of pre- and in-service teachers

This part of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues research project Teacher Education: Character and the professional development of pre- and in-service teachers focuses on in-service teachers and their understanding of how their own character plays a part in their professional development and what contributes to good continuing professional development (CPD). We would be grateful if you could complete this survey as it will provide an important insight into your understanding of character within the teaching profession. We are looking to analyse what character strengths you, as serving teachers, believe are most important to becoming a successful teacher. We are also looking to use your responses to develop a range of CPD opportunities for schools and teachers in regards to character education. 

We may wish to include content from your survey responses in our analysis and we are therefore asking you to tick the appropriate consent box below. Should you wish to withdraw, we will destroy any content already gathered. However, once data has been included in material for publication, withdrawal will not be possible.  Your survey responses will be treated confidentially. We ask that you provide your initials on the form. These are saved with an assigned participant ID in a separate password protected file to your data. Your data is never stored with your initials.  All data will be stored securely on University of Birmingham premises or in password-protected electronic systems. In line with University of Birmingham policy, the data will be stored for ten years. We aim to make our data, once totally anonymised, available to relevant public databases in line with University policy. Your details will not be identifiable to you.

The deadline for withdrawal will be one month from the date you complete this form. If you wish to withdraw, please contact us and provide your initials.
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  • I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I am free to withdraw within one month of submission of this survey.
  • I understand that data collected during the study may be looked at by all members of the research team, where it is relevant to my taking part in this research. I give permission for these individuals to have access to these data.
  • I understand that my name, the name of my school and distinguishing features will not be included in any material for publication.
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