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GSMI Privacy Policy

Green Shoots Market Intelligence data security and privacy policy

Last updated: 19th August 2019

Who are we?
  • Green Shoots Market Intelligence Ltd is a company providing market research services to a range of clients in order for them to better understand the opinions and behaviours of their customers and wider target audience. Our research covers a wide range of activities including online surveys, focus groups, depth interviews and online forums as well as a range of other research activities.  

Our commitment
  • Green Shoots Market Intelligence Ltd commits to ensuring that all our data is ethically sourced, securely stored, and that it is only ever used for the purpose that it was originally collected for.

Ethically sourcing our data
  • When we conduct research we regularly commission third parties to send out emails to their databases, inviting their members to take part in our research. We only use GDPR compliant mailing lists to invite people to take part in our research. That means we only use contact lists if either:
    • A contact database has been created based on contacts fully double opting-in to receive communications.
    • When we believe that there is legitimate interest for the person we are getting in touch with to receive our communication.
  • Whenever we contact individuals offering them the opportunity to take part in our research we always include an option to unsubscribe from the mailing list.
  • Whenever we commission a supplier to send out a research invitation on our behalf, wherever possible we use the supplier branding to ensure that the recipient is clear who it is that the email is coming from allowing them to make an informed decision as to whether or not they choose to unsubscribe from that database.
  • Whenever we collect data within our research that makes it possible to identify individuals (such as an email address or other contact details), we make explicit why we need that data and clearly explain what we will do with it.

Securely protecting respondents’ personal information
  • When we gather personal information we ensure that we gather the minimum amount of information that is needed.
  • Any personal information gathered is securely stored and encrypted on our systems using AxCrypt software. Data collected in an online survey is securely stored in Survey Gizmo servers, which are based in the EU. This means that all data gathered through our surveys is securely kept within the EU. Click here to go to the Survey Gizmo website and read more about Survey Gizmo’s data security policy and how they adhere to GDPR.  
  • All personal data is deleted at the end of the project, or when it is no longer needed. As standard, all personal data is deleted 6 months after the end of a project unless otherwise needed.  
  • When transferring data we ensure that this is done securely, using encryption for security purposes.

Using data for the purposes that it was originally collected
  • Whenever we gather personal information, we are transparent with the individual regarding what will be done with this information. This information will not be used for any other purpose, and will not be passed on to any third parties unless express permission has been given by the data subject.