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Explorer Belt Registration

In order to complete the Explorer Belt award, you must register your interest with the Scouts HQ. Please complete the form below, including as much information as possible.

This form is used to collect information about you for the purpose of Explorer Belt registration, which is to be used by us at the Scouts HQ. As part of this form we collect personal data about you. This detail is required so that we can assess your eligibility for the award and support can be offered throughout the process.

We share your personal data in this form with your County, specifically Assistant County Commissioners (Explorer Scouts), Assistant County Commissioners (Scout Network) and Assistant County Commissioners (International).  We do this for so support can be offered locally.

We take your personal data privacy seriously. The data you provide to us is securely stored on this online survey platform, which has been selected because it operates in-line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is then securely stored on our electronic servers used by staff at the Scouts Headquarters, and the data is removed from this online platform.  We will keep the data we capture from this form for 6 months after you turn 25, to retain award registrations for the duration of eligibility. For further detail on our retention periods please visit our Data Protection Policy here.
This question requires a valid date format of DD/MM/YYYY.
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