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PARTNER - Become a Suunto Partner


This is an application to Suunto Partner program. Learn more about this in
Here you can apply to Suunto partner program.
We are looking for partners who are interested to provide great value for fitness enthusiasts, people enjoying outdoor life, divers, endurance athletes and multisporters. It might be that you offer best coaching platform, next generation technique sensor, new type of performance evaluation algorithm or you are building local outdoor community.
It will take ~20 minutes to fill this application. Suunto will come back to you within two weeks. 
(Part of the application you need to sign the API agreement, if you are looking to get access to Suunto Cloud API)

When you submit your application you will be added to partner news email list.
We will provide you the latest news and updates regarding Suunto co-operation possibilities.
You can unsubscribe from these email list at any stage.
Please fill the form in English language.

This application is not for: 
- Retail / Distributors interests
- Marketing / Sponsoring requests

Prior starting to fill the application you can read more about co-operation possibilities.

Suunto Cloud API
With Suunto Cloud API you can build compatibility with Suunto devices.
Learn more about Suunto Cloud API from the Suunto APIZONE APIZONE.SUUNTO.COM 

Suunto Value Pack
Your product/service/ app can be part of Suunto Value pack as on offer for new Suunto customers.
Examples you can find from SUUNTO.COM/VALUEPACK

Suunto Plus Sport Apps / Connected devices
Interested of having your features in Suunto watches or connect your sensor with Suunto. SuuntoPlus Editor gives you access to have your feature in Suunto watches
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If you have questions, you can contact us from;


You can find the Term of service from Terms-of-use