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IR35 - Working practice

IR35 Working Practice

The working practice questionnaire

IR35 Advice has drawn up the working practice test as a guide for you to check if you, together with your contract fall within IR35.  
Public sector workers can also use this questionnaire to evidence their working practice when negotiating with the public sector body. IR35 itself has not changed, only who is responsible for administrating and assessing It.
The test was written by tax specialists. Once completed we'll email you the results, your risk level and advice. This questionnaire is for guidance purposes only, unless you have requested a formal IR35 review, whereby the answers and any evidence provided will form part of the overall assessment. Together they will be included as supporting evidence in the final package being created in determining your IR35 status. We won't pass your details on to any outside parties unless you have requested us to do so.
Your working practices are the most important factor, but it would also be handy to have your contract nearby.

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The test should take no more than a few minutes to complete. If you need to save and go back to it part way through, simply click the ‘Save & Return’ link at the top of any page and enter your email address. A unique link will then be emailed to you so you can pick up where you left off.

We will comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and any information you provide to us through the website will not be used for purposes other than that for which it was originally intended. We will hold the information only as long as necessary.

Please note: Uploading documents and additional information is only required if we are gathering evidence on your behalf.

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