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TradeMalta Exporters' Directory Entry Form


Welcome to the entry form for TradeMalta's Exporters' Directory

This Directory is a listing of Malta-based companies which are either already involved in the export of goods and services, or which are interested to begin exporting their products overseas.

TradeMalta will use the information to compile a profile page for each company on its Exporters’ Directory and also for internal research and industry analysis. The Exporters’ Directory makes company details easily accessible through its user-friendly interface and search functions. With your own profile page on TradeMalta’s Directory, your company will be listed and extensively promoted. It is free of charge to list your business on the Exporters' Directory.

Users of the Directory, chiefly foreign importers and investors, will be provided with a clear overview of your company’s mission, capabilities, current endeavours and future interests. It is in your interest to fill in as many entries as possible to ensure that your company page includes comprehensive information and promotional material to attract foreign investors/importers.

TradeMalta wishes to thank all participants for their time and contributions to this project.