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What Do You Think About Children & Young People’s Mental Health Services In Trafford?

As part of our plans for children and young people’s mental health, a number of changes have occurred and will continue to occur in mental health services in Trafford. By mental health services, we mean any professional or organisation that is there to help young people with their wellbeing- this could be a school nurse, counsellor, psychiatrist, psychologist, teacher, or support worker.  The NHS, Council and local services have listened to what has been said and are continuing to make some changes to improve services for the better. You asked us to keep you updated and so each year we like to tell you a bit about what has happened so far and find out what you think. This survey is anonymous and should only take 10-15 minutes. Whether you are a child, parent/carer or professional, we would really appreciate your time in filling it in. The results will be published later this year in our refreshed Local Transformation Plan at

Part 1

You Said ....

  • Continue to support services that help people before they need to go to Healthy Young Minds
  • Ensure that the introduction of new services is something that can continue
  • Services shouldn’t just have group sessions
Here are the things we have done to respond to these comments:
....We Did

42nd Street offer mental health services for young people aged 13-25 through both 1-1 and group support. In 2016, Trafford more than doubled the amount of funding it gave to 42nd Street. This extra funding has continued for the last 3 years and meant they can see even more young people. For example, in the past 12 months the service has seen a 371% increase in the number of young people accessing the service compared to the year before the funding increase.
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....We Did

Following feedback from young people Trafford brought in a new service called Trafford Sunrise to support 5 -12 year olds with stress, learning how to relax and promoting emotional wellbeing. As with 42nd Street, this includes both 1-1 and group support. It has now been in place for over 12 months and funding has been extended. As well as supporting young people, the service also has advice sessions for parents.
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....We Did

Kooth provides both online counselling and a safe space for young people to go online and read advice and support from peers. This is done via monitored message boards and articles written by young people. As with Trafford Sunrise, this service has now been in place for over 12 months and has been extended. It has proved incredibly popular, with 943 young people logging in 5,211 times in the past 12 months and numbers increasing over time.
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