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Drugs Strategy Consultation

Drug abuse causes huge damage within our society, either on an individual basis, or sometimes to entire communities.

There is no single solution. It is an inherently complex area where perpetrators of crime can also simultaneously be victims. We also see many scenarios where offenders enter the criminal justice system for offences that don’t directly involve the possession, production or supply of drugs. However it is clear that drugs are linked to their crime either as a cause or motivation for offending. Those causes and motivations also need to be better acknowledged, understood and dealt with if we, as a society, are to more effectively reduce the abuse of drugs, the associated harm it causes and the strain it places on our public services.

This draft strategy outlines how I will deliver on my responsibilities as Commissioner in a policing and crime context, and how I will continue to actively work with local and national partners to try and ensure that effective, holistic approach exists in West Mercia. Your support in helping to shape and refine my strategy before implementation is gratefully received

We are comparatively fortunate that the scale of damage caused by drugs is much smaller in our communities than in some areas. However, where and when it does occur here, there is no doubting the harm it causes. I am committed to doing everything I can to effectively reduce that harm within our communities and deliver a safer West Mercia.

Thank you for taking the time to take part in my consultation. If you need to review the draft consultation it is available at this link:

John Campion
West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner