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Proposals for the IPU Innovation Tracker

The Innovation Tracker is a blog about recent innovations in the way parliaments do their work.  It is published online every three months by the IPU's Centre for Innovation in Parliament.

We invite all parliaments to submit proposals for content for the Innovation Tracker. We want the Innovation Tracker to be based in parliaments’ own words and experiences. Do you have a great idea for an article? Send your idea to the IPU Secretariat using this form. Please tell us:
  • Who you are (name, title, organization)
  • The topic you wish to cover and a one paragraph summary of your idea
  • The key takeaway message (or messages) of your piece
We’ll get back to you within 5 working days, and either ask you to go ahead and write up the article, or explain why this idea doesn’t fit.

If the proposal is accepted, we will send you more details about the length and format of the article. Please don't write the article until you hear back from us!

Areas of parliamentary work covered in the Innovation Tracker will include, but are not limited to,:
  • Legislative procedures
  • Oversight processes
  • Citizen participation in decision-making processes
  • Communication with the public
  • Cooperation with civil society
  • Cooperation with government
  • Cooperation with other parliaments
  • Cooperation with the IPU
  • Organizational and management processes
  • Strategic use of ICT in parliament
  • Document management
  • Tools for parliamentarians and parliamentary staff
Please contact us at at for any more information