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Religious Education Teacher Worldview and Character Education Questionnaire

We are interested in understanding secondary RE teachers’ approaches to religious education, their worldviews, and what they think about character education.

This project is one of many undertaken by the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues at the University of Birmingham. If you would like to follow the progress of this project and its findings (as well as the other projects run by the Jubilee Centre) you can do so by visiting the Centre website.

What is the purpose of the study, and why am I asked to participate?

This study explores secondary RE teachers’ approaches to religion in the classroom; how various approaches to RE may relate to teachers’ personal worldviews; and, what RE teachers think about character education. We do this by asking what you think about three realistic classroom scenarios and asking questions about your own perspectives and worldview. To do this we ask questions of a potentially sensitive nature about your own religion/worldview as well as your professional approach. It is for this reason the questionnaire is anonymous in the sense you are not asked your name nor contact details. 

By learning more about the perspectives of RE teachers and their approaches to RE we hope to be able to inform policy and practice of secondary RE. We therefore ask teachers currently employed to teach RE to students in the 11-18 age range in any kind of secondary school to answer the questionnaire.   

If you are not currently teaching RE in a secondary school in England and Wales, you are not in scope for this study and your answers will be used to test the questionnaire's statistical reliability.

What will I be asked to do?

The study involves completing an online questionnaire with the following activities.

1) Giving some personal information, such as your date of birth and ethnicity (but not any other information that would identify you or your school).
2) Answering questions about your personal religion and/or worldview.
3) Reading three classroom vignettes and answering questions about what would be a good or bad way to act in those circumstances and why.
4) Answering questions about your perspectives on character education and religious education.
Overall, this will take around 25 minutes.  We ask that you answer questions as honestly as possible.

Do I have to take part?

Your involvement in the study is voluntary. If you decide to take part, you are still free to withdraw at any time, without giving a reason. (Please note that you can also skip some questions if you do not wish to answer them. However,  questions marked with an asterisk '*' are mandatory to ensure the reliability of the survey). You are also free to withdraw your data within 28 days of completing the questionnaire. You can do so by contacting the researcher and giving the date and time that you completed the questionnaire and your date of birth. For this reason, please keep a note of the date and time that you completed the questionnaire and state your date of birth when prompted on the questionnaire. However, once anonymous data has been included in material for publication, withdrawal will not be possible.

What are the possible benefits and risks of taking part?

There is no direct benefit or risk to you. However, your contribution is important to help our understanding of RE teachers’ worldviews and perspectives.

What happens to my answers?

All of the information collected is anonymous. You are not asked your name - but we will ask questions about your religious beliefs and give other limited personal information, such as your date of birth. In order to be able to withdraw from the study if you wish after you have completed the questionnaire, please take a note of the date and time you answer the questionnaire. If you contact us, with this information and your date of birth, we will be able to identify your answers. Otherwise, we will not be able to identify your answers and they will be stored and analysed in a computerised spread sheet with other participants' answers. The anonymised data will be securely stored for 10 years after the study is finished.

Who can I ask for further information about the study?

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Dr Daniel Moulin-Stozek or Jason Metcalfe via email
, or phone 0121 4147604/ 0121 4144799.

What do I do now?

If you are happy to participate please complete the consent question on the next page, take a note of the date and time you attempt the questionnaire, then begin answering the questions.