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Mental Health awareness quiz

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This quiz is designed to help raise your awareness of mental health issues and helping you to better understand the issues surrounding it. We live in a world where good and bad mental health is becoming highlighted in everyday life and this quiz will give you a small insight into Mental Health and its effects. Each question will have a multiple-choice answer which is not time based so please take your time and think about your response.  The results will be displayed when you have finished the quiz. When you are ready to start click next to begin and we hope you enjoy the quiz, good luck.
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Which of the following is the definition of the term 'Mental Health'? *This question is required.
Is the term 'Stress' classed as an illness *This question is required.
Which of the following is not classed an anxiety disorder *This question is required.
On average how many adults in the UK are estimated to have be affected by an mental health issue *This question is required.
What number of children in the UK today are estimated to have a mental health disorder? *This question is required.
Research shows that suicide rates are higher among  *This question is required.
What % of suicides within young people can be linked to substance abuse *This question is required.
How many times higher is suicide more likely in children who have been effected by bullying *This question is required.
What proportion of people with mental health issues say that work pressures have contributed to their poor mental health *This question is required.