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Tackling unacceptable behaviour at work

Unacceptable behaviour at work

We want to find out about unacceptable behaviour within the workplace for staff working as part of the health workforce.

Sexual harassment is an important issue which has received a high profile recently but not much is known about how it impacts on healthcare staff.

But sexual harassment is just one type of harassment; you may also face harassment or abuse because of who you are - including your race, your age, your sexuality; your religion/beliefs or because you are disabled. We want to know about all forms of unacceptable behaviour - including incidents that have made you feel uncomfortable, bad about yourself, humiliated, frightened, or threatened.

The information that you provide will help us  better understand yours and other healthworkers' experiences in the workplace to inform further campaign work. We will use the survey findings to highlight the impact of unacceptable behaviour and campaign for action to root it out of the NHS.


By completing this survey you will be assisting UNISON in gaining an insight into its members’ experience of harassment/unacceptable behaviour at work and the impact that has on them. The information that you provide as part of this survey is anonymous (unless you later provide explicit consent for us to use details such as your name) and will be used for statistical purposes in any press report or news story relating to UNISON’s ongoing work against harassment