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Attainment Project: Local Young Scot Discounts

Local Discount Survey


We’re keen to make sure you get as much as possible from your Young Scot card locally and we’d love your help to seek out great new discounts.

The information you provide in this survey will be used to guide our work in developing the new local discounts you really want. 

Your responses will remain completely anonymous and you can leave the survey at any time. We will request basic information like age and local authority to help with analysis. 


1. In a typical year, where would you say most of your money goes? *This question is required.Please pick three options.​​​​​​
2. Where would you most like to see a Young Scot discount near you?


*This question is required.

This should be a small business you’ll only find on your local High Street such as a shop, hairdressers, barber shop, or the local café that does the best food! 
Anywhere on your doorstep that you already love to visit - and would love even more with a Young Scot discount.

3. How likely is it that you would choose to shop at a business that offered a Young Scot discount versus a similar business that did not? *This question is required.Please choose one answer.