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FX Week Asia Awards 2019

Dear FX Professional,

The second annual FX Week Asia Awards recognise the best banks, dealers, brokers and currency managers in the Asia Pacific region. While foreign exchange markets have suffered a global reputational blow as a result of the benchmark-rigging scandal, the level of impact has varied in regional centres.

As a result, FX Week would like to acknowledge and celebrate the best FX market participants in the Asia Pacific with this new set of awards, aimed specifically at the APAC region.

The awards are voting-based, meaning that clients of institutions can cast their votes across 25 categories, to select the most meaningful providers. But in contrast to our Best Banks Awards, we will only accept votes originating from clients who are based in the Asia Pacific.

The awards will be presented following our FX Week Asia event in Singapore. 

The voting period is open from 10/06/2019 to 05/07/2019.

We wish you the best of luck with the first FX Week Asia Awards!

As a thank you for your time, all respondents will be sent the full results. Further details can be found at the end of this survey.

Any queries should be sent to

Best regards,
Steve Couling
Publisher, FX Week