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VentureJam 2019 Application Form


What is VentureJam 2019

VentureJam is a unique, free opportunity for 40 young people in Scotland. Young Scot and Glasgow City of Science and Innovation are running a weekend ‘Jam’ from the 1st-3rd November 2019 at Glasgow Science Centre that will see teams of young people developing fresh ideas that embrace the digital world to solve real world challenges.

Throughout the Jam you'll have access to a team of inspirational mentors from the world of television, gaming, product design and 3D animation as well as environmental gurus - and Young Scot will be there to guide you through the creative process!

At this Year’s VentureJam weekend we're going to give you the tools to develop and design a new idea and you never know - it could change the future of the planet, and change peoples' lives!

VentureJam 2019 is giving you the opportunity to take part in a real-world business challenge at St Enoch’s Centre - one of Glasgow’s busiest shopping malls, with Scotland's largest food court. 

The theme for VentureJam 2019 is: The Food Waste Challenge

Climate change is big news. Whether it is the School Climate Strikes, Netflix’s ground breaking ‘Our Planet’ or social media influencers promoting environmental issues, we’ve never been more aware of the impact our behaviour is having on our planet.  

In 2019, an estimated 987,890 tonnes of food and drink in Scotland will be wasted – and this is impacting on our climate. Scraping that leftover food from your plate into the bin is seriously damaging the planet - when those scraps of pasta, potato or chicken which you never got around to eating end up in landfill, they rot and emit methane, which is harmful to our climate. Believe it or not, food waste is actually a bigger cause of climate change than plastics. 
So where do you come in? Sign up for VentureJam 2019 and help us come up with an innovative solution to tackle the problem of food waste in the St Enoch’s Centre – a major shopping mall in Glasgow with Scotland's largest food court.  

With access to a team of inspirational mentors, your team will: 

  • Learn about one of the biggest challenges facing humanity and the future of the planet – food waste. 

  • Immerse yourself in the latest innovations to help create alternative solutions to our problem with wasting food. 

  • Take a deeper look at food waste; how we consume food, how food is advertised, how we currently dispose food waste and the messaging that currently exists about the impact food waste has on us and our environment. 

  • Explore radical new business models which are changing the way we can dispose of food waste.

Prizes for the winning teams include pitching your idea ‘Dragon’s Den’ style to a packed audience at the CAN DO Innovation Summit - a major innovation event held at Glasgow Science Centre. 

When/Where is VentureJam Taking Place?

VentureJam is taking place from 1st - 3rd November 2019 at Glasgow Science Centre, 50 Pacific Quay, Glasgow G51 1EA. It is free to attend. Please ensure you are available at the following times:
  • Celebratory Launch Night: Friday 1st November (6pm - 8:30pm)
  • Jam Activity: Saturday 2nd November (10am - 4pm) and Sunday 3rd November (10am - 3pm)
Who Can Apply?
VentureJam is open to groups of around five people or you can apply as an individual. We are looking for a mixed, lively group of young people aged 14-20 from across Scotland with a range of interests from the arts and music (the hipsters!) to science and gaming (the hackers!) as well as wannabe entrepreneurs (the hustlers!). No experience required!

Whatever your thing, we want you to  get excited about working in teams to create new ideas (products, games or even interactive art installations) to make our lives and our environment better. If this is you, we’d love to hear more about why you’d like to attend VentureJam.

You'll receive 500 points for taking part in Venture Jam and more points if you make it to the final. 
1. Other Important Information
VentureJam will reimburse all reasonable travels costs on receiving valid travel receipts for people/teams attending the event. Please let us know if you will need your travel costs reimbursed to be able to attend VentureJam. Where possible, Young Scot can help book train tickets in advance.
We will provide food/refreshments during the sessions, and we may consider providing accommodation for those coming from longer than 2 hours away on a case by case basis.

Please complete the following questions.  Alternatively you can either send in a video, voice recorded application or speak to us over the phone. Please email these to