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Youth Loneliness Survey Draft

Introduction and Permissions

Young Scot is working in partnership with the Co-op Foundation to tackle youth loneliness in Scotland. As part of the partnership Young Scot recruited a group young people to be members of the Young Scot Youth Loneliness Panel.

The panel are looking to find out young people’s views and opinions on youth loneliness in Scotland to ensure this is being addressed at a national level.

Your responses will influence the recommendations and actions the panel develop that will later be shared and developed at a strategic round table event with the Scottish Government, third sector organisations and national youth work organisations. 
1. Survey results (including your response) will be analysed and reported on by Young Scot and the Co-op Foundation. This will involve sharing raw results with the Co-op Foundation. These reports may become publicly available. Young Scot may also use results to help us develop our service and create future content.

Do you agree for your response to be used for these purposes? *This question is required.
2. Are you happy for your typed responses to be anonymously quoted in publications by Young Scot and the Co-op Foundation? If you do not provide permission then no direct quotes will be used. your responses will still be included within report analysis. *This question is required.