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Optometrist Apprenticeship Standard Survey


Apprenticeship Standard for Optometrist

Background: Apprenticeship Standards describe the high-level knowledge, skills and behaviours required to carry out a defined occupation. They are developed by employer led Trailblazer groups and are available for a range of different occupations from level 2 through to 8.

Rationale for developing a standard for this occupation: This apprenticeship standard is being developed to meet the growing needs of the optical sector and to ensure that there is a Degree Apprenticeship available that is approved by the GOC and follows their Standards of Practice for Optometrists.
The proposal to start work on a Degree Apprenticeship Standard for Optometrist’s was approved in September 2019. As a Degree Apprenticeship, it will ensure that individuals completing an apprenticeship route will be able to register with the GOC as a fully qualified Optometrist.
It is anticipated that the new Degree Apprenticeship Standard will be approved for delivery by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education in Autumn 2020.
Please note that this standard is intended to be viewed by prospective apprentices choosing their future careers and so the language used within the standard is intended to be easily understood.
Quote from Victoria Unsworth BSc (Hons) MCOptom - Chair of Optometry Trailblazer Group
“The Optical sector is working together to help attract and retain people into the Optometry Profession. Getting this right has both an important role in social mobility and to ensure that the future optometry workforce is distributed in a way that will help the profession meet the eyecare needs of an expanding and ageing patient population."

Link to registration: Apprentices will be eligible to apply for registration with the General Optical Council as an Optometrist on completion of this apprenticeship.

Employers involved in the development of the standard:

● Asda Opticians
● Association of British Dispensing Opticians
● Association of Optometrists
● Aston University
● Boots Opticians
● British Contact Lens Association
● City University
● College of Optometrists
● General Optical Council
● Haine & Smith Opticians
● Hakim Group
● Leightons Opticians
● Moorfields NHS Hospital
● Optical Express
● Plymouth University
● Scrivens Opticians
● Specsavers
● The Outside Clinic
● Thompson Opticians Ltd

● University of Bradford
● University of Hertfordshire
● Vision Express

Structure of the standard: Trailblazers must develop standards that comply with the criteria set out by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education in their 'How To' Guide. The criteria mean that the standard must:

1. Be completed in line with their template 
2. Describe an occupation which is defined and distinct (with minimum overlap with other apprenticeship standards)
3. Use high level descriptors rather than providing a detailed curriculum.

Full details of apprenticeships commonly used in the health sector can be found on HASO.

Please download a full list of the Duties and KSB's here before you start so that you can refer to it whilst you are completing the survey.

How long will it take to complete the survey?
It should take in the region of 20 to 25 minutes.

What is the deadline for responding to the online survey?
The deadline for the consultation is 12pm, Monday 9th December. 

Thank you for taking part.