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Student Well-Being Survey 2020

3. In the past two weeks, about how many days have you participated in exercise (for more than 20 minutes)?
4. When at school, on a weekly basis, do you participate in extra-curricular activities as follows:
5. With your teachers at school, how many times have you been:
6. Thinking of your behaviour at school, have you ever:
8. To what extent are you interested in these subjects?
Not interested
A bit interested
Very interested
Science subjects
Language subjects
9. During normal term time, about how much time do you spend on homework each day (in minutes)?
A few minutes
Up to 2 hours or more
12. Has anyone been mean or unkind to you in the last three months?
13. To what extent do you agree with each of these statements
14. How have you been coping during the COVID 19 lockdown so far?
Not very well
Very well
16. Has being a student at Alexandra College helped you during this time?
Not so much
Very much