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Digital Citizenship Competition Entry


This survey must be completed by the Leaders of the Scout group entering the competition.  Prior to filling in this survey, please ensure that all parents of the young people in your group taking part have filled in this survey.

In a recent issue of our MakeDoShare magazine we launched a competition asking young people in Scouting to create a short video to raise awareness about a topic that is likely to affect people in the future.  Examples could include climate change issues or positive developments in science and technology.

Prizes: 1st prize - £600 worth of tech equipment for your Scout group, 2nd prize - £400 worth of tech equipment for your Scout group, 3rd prize - £200 worth of tech equipment for your Scout group.

This form is used to collect information about you and your group for the purpose of the Digital Citizen Staged Activity Badge Video Competition, this is to be used by us at The Scouts.  The Scout Association Headquarters will hold the personal data in this form and the video submitted for competition entry.

It is your responsibility to ensure photo/video permissions for all the young people that appear in the video have been confirmed by their parent/carers.

There are a few things you can do to help make uploading videos online that bit safer.
  • Create a Google account that is used by the whole section
  • Sign into YouTube using the Google account and switch on restricted mode
  • When you upload videos, select 'unlisted'
  • Disable the comments
  • Make sure parents and carers are aware and have given consent for the competition and this form is submitted with the competition entry
It is the responsibility of the local scout group to ensure data is secure.  The video should be removed 6 months after the competition is complete.  Please ensure you have reviewed our Data policies

Please fill in this survey to enter the competition.