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National Probation Service 2020 Pay Claim Survey

What would you like UNISON to put into your pay claim for next year?

Your 2020 pay rise is due on 1 April, so UNISON is consulting all NPS members now on your views. This will enable the claim to be formulated early and submitted in good time.

We already know that eligible NPS staff will automatically progress to the next highest pay point in their pay band on 1 April 2020. This is the result of the NPS pay modernisation agreement which members voted to accept last year.

For most staff this will mean an increase in your pay from 1 April next year, depending on where you are in your pay band.  
This is called pay progression, but it is not a cost of living rise, and staff at the top of their pay band obviously get nothing.

The reality is that the value of the pay points in the NPS pay bands have increased by only 1% in the last 10 years, with the exception of the highest pay points in each pay band which went up by 3% over the two years of the NPS pay modernisation deal.

The reason for the 1% pay increase over the last 10 years was the government’s public sector pay freeze.

In light of this, UNISON’s NPS Committee is proposing the following elements for the 2020 pay claim (in addition to pay progression which is already confirmed by NPS)
  • A 2 year pay claim to cover 2020 and 2021
  • Automatic pay progression on 1 April 2020 and 2021 as already confirmed by the NPS
  • An increase in the value of the pay points in each pay band in line with the retail prices index of inflation (RPI) on 1 April 2020 and 1 April 2021. The rate of RPI inflation in October 2019 was 2.1%
  • The deletion of NPS pay band 1. There are now very few NPS staff on pay band 1 and this pay band should be abolished to properly tackle low pay in the NPS by moving staff onto pay band 2.
  • The removal of all remaining overlaps between pay bands in the NPS pay structure. The NPS committed to removing these pay band overlaps as part of the two year pay modernisation agreement. 2020 should be the year that NPS starts to deliver on that commitment.
1. Do you agree with the proposed 2020 Pay Claim as set out above?