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The role of teachers in creating safe and non-violent learning environments


Dear teacher,

Thank you very much for your interest in supporting our study on “The role of teachers in creating safe and non-violent learning environments”.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and its partners have launched the global campaign “Safe to Learn”. The campaign aims to eradicate school violence across the world. To better tailor its activities and cooperation with teachers in this regard, UNESCO contracted the Public Policy Management Institute (PPMI) to conduct research on how teachers perceive school violence and on their abilities and attitudes to address this phenomenon.

The following survey is meant to help us collect first-hand information on how you understand school violence in all its forms and how often you believe such acts occur in your school. We would like to map what practices and strategies you use to respond to violence and how you communicate with your pupils and their parents, as well as other school staff about violence. We are also interested in hearing what kind of training you feel would help you to be more prepared and confident in addressing violence that may occur in your school and that would foster a learning environment that is safer for all pupils.

The survey should take about 20 minutes to complete. If needed, you can save your answers at any stage and return to the survey later. The survey can be divided into two parts. The first focuses on your understanding of the violence, which may take place in your school, and the second on how you react to and deal with it. 

Any information you provide is anonymous. It will be provided to UNESCO only in aggregate form as part of the study findings. No personal information and no individual opinions can be disclosed and there is no way to track the identity of the respondents. 

We thank you again for your time! Your input is very important to us. 

By participating in this survey, you agree that PPMI will process your answers in line with their Personal Data Protection Policy which can be found here. Enquiries about this Policy or the use of your personal information by PPMI may be sent to If you have any technical issues in completing the survey questionnaire or if you have any questions, please send your query to

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