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Clinical Academic Professional Apprenticeship Standard Consultation


Apprenticeship Standard for Clinical Academic Professional

Background: Apprenticeship Standards describe the high-level knowledge, skills and behaviours required to carry out a defined occupation. They are developed by employer led Trailblazer groups and are available for a range of different occupations from level 2 through to 8.

Rationale for developing a standard for this occupation: Clinical Academic Professionals are clinically active health researchers who work across Health and Social Care Systems to improve health outcomes of the patients they care for. Clinical academics are uniquely placed to transform healthcare services as well as lead and inspire others in their clinical field.

The Clinical Academic Professional apprenticeship will provide registered healthcare professionals working outside of medicine with a clinical academic career development pathway forming part of a range of career pathways that registered healthcare professionals may take. The apprenticeship will build capacity at level 8, preparing individuals to undertake essential, high quality patient focused research, which is grounded in clinical practice, and is urgently needed to address the rapidly changing health and social care needs of the population. 

Apprentices will develop clinical and academic expertise concurrently, facilitating and embedding evidence into practice and undertaking vital research and innovations in care that has direct impact on patients, their families and carers.  They will develop knowledge, skills and behaviours in research and  innovation relating to their practice expertise. They will also act as a key support for others across the health and social care system, having responsibilities for leadership in both clinical practice and research.

Despite there currently being existing arrangements and local partnerships between HEI and NHS organisations to recruit, train and retain clinical academics, there is insufficient capacity in the system to train the numbers of clinical academics required for the future workforce. This apprenticeship will be central to building capacity of this role.

Structure of the standard: Trailblazers must develop standards that comply with the criteria set out by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education in their 'How To' Guide. The criteria mean that the standard must:

1. Be completed in line with their template 
2. Describe an occupation which is defined and distinct (with minimum overlap with other apprenticeship standards)
3. Use high level descriptors rather than providing a detailed curriculum.

Full details of apprenticeships commonly used in the health sector can be found on HASO.

Please download a full list of the Duties and KSBs here before you start so that you can refer to it whilst you are completing the survey.

How long will it take to complete the survey?
It should take in the region of 20 to 25 minutes.

What is the deadline for responding to the online survey?
The deadline for the consultation is 12.00 noon Wednesday, 18th March 2020

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