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Inside Market Data Awards & Inside Reference Data Awards 2020 - Reader's survey

Reader's Survey

We are pleased to announce our annual Inside Market Data & Inside Reference Data Awards 2020, aimed at celebrating the outstanding companies, people and products of the past year.

You, WatersTechnology readers, will make the final decision, choosing the winners in hotly contested vendor categories. The shortlist for each category has been carefully compiled by the WatersTechnology editorial team and voters are invited to select their top company from each category.

To help us compile our award winners – please complete the survey before 6pm EST, April 17th, 2020.

By participating, you will help us to ensure that the Inside Market Data & Inside Reference Data Awards 2020 truly reflect the views of the data management industry.

In addition to these voting categories, there are also -- Call for entry categories -- where financial institutions and vendors can nominate themselves in both market data and reference data categories, and will be judged by our esteemed judging panel. To enter these, please visit our website to complete our online entry form.

Any queries should be addressed via email to

Best regards,

Victor Anderson
Global Content Director, WatersTechnology