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LegumeGap Survey

Welcome to our survey!

We want to know about your experience and interest in growing grain legumes for food and feed. By understanding what you know and how you currently manage your crops, we can identify ways to help you achieve higher and more stable legume yields, leading to more profitable protein production for farms and for Europe as a whole. We will advise agricultural advisors, policy makers and other stakeholders about the tools and policies necessary to achieve European protein self-sufficiency and a healthy food and feed chain, in the frame of the European project LegumeGap.

We focus on soya bean because it is preferred by the feed industry and on faba bean because of its adaptation to cool climates where soya bean grows poorly. After some questions on your farm and on legumes in general, we have some questions on soya and faba beans in particular, and some optional questions about your farm management and yourself. Answering the whole survey should take 20 – 30 minutes. You can save your progress at any time and finish later.

In Great Britain, this survey is coordinated by
Prof Christine Watson
Scotland's Rural College

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