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Pre-Order and Payment Options Survey

A new survey for us, we want to know what our amazing brand rebels think of pre-order items and payment options for these. 

We have kept it simple and quick we hope with another three rebel questions.

Love Clare and the team x
1. We aspire to change the mass manufacturing and fast fashion cultures with a view to thinking more about people and the planet.

Would you pre-pay for a product that you know represents these values of change?
2. When creating collections that have a commitment to ancient skills and working with the natural fibres of the planet, this requires many hours of talented people to make and only working with raw materials that have integrity.

This will often mean that in our efforts to not 'cost the planet' the making value of these products are more than mass manufactured options.

Where these values matter to you, would you prefer to have payment options?

At all times we wish to promote responsible spending, encouraging sensible spend limits for the budget conscious and not encouraging debt burdens.
We Are Social Rebels.... so feel free to share with your family and friends!