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SIRIUS: Educational inclusion in times of crisis: schools and Covid-19

The purpose of this brief survey is to collect information about approaches and challenges schools, and teachers in particular, faced when shifting towards online/distance teaching in the context of the Covid-19 crisis. We are interested in understanding if and how schools managed to ensure the inclusion of vulnerable learners (such as children with migrant background) during this crisis.  

The survey is organised in the framework of
SIRIUS – Policy Network on Migrant Education – activities and will feed into its monitoring report on inclusive education in the EU – SIRIUS Watch 2020 edition. In 2020, the SIRIUS Watch will focus specifically on how emerging trends, new challenges and threats (such as the Covid-19 pandemic) shape the future developments in education, and what are their implications for the inclusion of vulnerable learners, with a particular focus on migrant children.

Your answers will help us develop a specific set of recommendations and lessons for policy-makers on what can be done to better handle future potential crises affecting educational processes. The online teaching practices and tips that you will share with us will be added to an information pool, which can be useful for other practitioners and educators in their daily teaching practices.

If you have any further question about the survey, please write to Justinas Didika ( and Cosmin Nada ( at PPMI, who is managing this survey.

We greatly appreciate your answers and please do share this survey with your colleagues. We will be grateful to hear your voice, feedback, and concerns during these challenging times.

Stay healthy and safe!

The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete and consists of a series of questions related to your experience with online teaching since the beginning of the pandemic. Any information you provide on a voluntary basis will be kept confidential and will only be shared in aggregate form as part of the study findings. No personal information and no individual opinions will be disclosed.

By participating in this survey, you agree that PPMI will process your answers in line with its Personal Data Protection Policy, which can be found at Enquiries about this Policy or the use of your personal information by PPMI may be sent to If you face any technical issues in completing the survey questionnaire or have any questions, please send your query to and

2. In which education level do you mostly teach? *This question is required.
3. In which type of school do you teach? *This question is required.
4. Where is your school located? *This question is required.
5. Did your school move towards digital/distance methods of teaching and learning when the Government in your country introduced lockdown/quarantine measures to respond to the COVID-19 threat? *This question is required.
6. When shifting to online learning, did your school consider any of the following? *This question is required.
While it is known that not all students/families have the same possibilities and access to digital learning, these questions are designed to gain knowledge of whether an assessment of the following conditions was made in your school.

Has your school made any assessment to see if:
Space Cell YesNoI do not know
All students/families have access to computers/devices?
All students/families are digitally literate?
All students have internet for accessing and downloading documents/teaching materials/videos?
All students/families have high-speed internet for live-class streaming?
All students/families have additional finances/budget to purchase devices/improve internet service?
All students/families are proficient in the language of teaching to connect and continue learning from home?
All teachers have sufficient digital competences and support tools to shift to digital teaching?
6. Please consider the questions below taking as reference the last months (March-June) of the school year 2019-2020. *This question is required.
How often did you deliver your regular class/classes in online format? *This question is required.
How many of your students did you have contact with? *This question is required.
How often did you have contact with each student/family? *This question is required.
In terms of students that you no longer had contact with, why do you think that is? *This question is required.
6. In terms of inclusiveness in the context of digital learning, how did you reach out and provide support to vulnerable children (especially those with migrant background, refugees, asylum seekers, etc.)? *This question is required.
Please select all that apply:
6. What were the main challenges that you identified when trying to reach out to vulnerable students? *This question is required.
Please select all that apply:
6. Have there been any actions undertaken by your school during the pandemic to:
Support teachers in terms of their digital competences *This question is required.
Provide teachers with technical/material tools needed for distance teaching and learning *This question is required.
Provide teachers with emotional/psychological support *This question is required.
Support parents to help their children learn at home *This question is required.
6. Would you be inclined in applying digital/distance methods of teaching and learning more actively in the future? *This question is required.