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UNISON North West Student Nurses Survey

Help us support the UK nursing students through the Coronavirus pandemic

Second and third year student nurses have been asked to make an unprecedented contribution to the NHS’s Coronavirus response.

As the UK’s largest public services trade union, UNISON has been closely involved in discussions around how students will be supported if they choose to undertake paid work in the NHS, as well as how disruption to studies will be managed and avoided as much as possible.

We want to hear from you so that we can help make sure you are treated properly, and any issues or concerns you’re having are addressed.

If you’re a nursing student, please take a couple of minutes to complete our short survey. If you are a UNISON member in the North West of England, someone will be in touch to follow up on any issues or concerns you identify.

All responses are confidential. Data may be used in order to illustrate some of the issues student nurses are facing, but will only be presented as statistics without sharing anything which would identify you.